Understanding workplace trends is a vital consideration for leaders.

3 workplace trends leaders need to know


How much do you know about Generation Y? What about paperless offices?

When working as a manager or business leader, it helps to stay ahead of the curve in terms of employment and industry trends. You could find your position as an effective manager being challenged if you’re not aware of key developments.

Even with the most extensive leadership training and qualifications, falling behind on important trends will likely result in you losing your influence – and even your job!

To help you remain ahead of the crowd, here are three key workplace trends that you need to be aware of:

Going green

It’s no secret that global warming and climate change has many of us spooked. But did you know that creating an eco-friendly workplace can actually help with productivity, engagement and reputation?

Studies have shown that even simple changes – such as doing away with printers and investing in a few office plants – can have huge benefits on workplace morale and motivation.

Getting online

It seems that every person has their connected device in their pocket these days. With smartphones and tablets becoming one of the most popular possessions, managers can utilise this trend for the benefit of the workplace.

For instance, encouraging employees to download work-related apps will means that each individual remains connected to their desk even when away from the office. This can significantly increase productivity, as staff no longer need to return to the workplace to send emails, connect with colleagues and complete important tasks.

Generation Y

The global workforce is going through significant changes, as the Baby Boomers approach retirement and younger generations step into vital leadership roles.

Understanding how the change in demographic will influence the workplace is vital for any business leader. In particular, Millennials, also called Generation Y, typically have vastly different needs and wants to their older counterparts.

Reading, listening to podcasts or going to conferences can help you keep up. Practically, empowering the younger generation and embracing the rise in flexible working, technology and interpersonal relationships is a good place to start.

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