Are your sales skills closing enough deals? These tips can help.

4 essential skills to help you become a sales superstar


Knowing how to unlock that ‘yes’ from any prospective sales customer can be incredibly tricky. Being too meek, not highlighting the benefits of your offerings or simply not connecting with consumers can all lead to lost business.

So how do you stop your company’s potential profits from disappearing into the abyss? These four tips will see you right:

Know your offerings

Whether you are trying to persuade people to buy a product or sign up to a service, knowing the inner-workings and intricacies of exactly what you’re offering is key. Whilst you don’t need to be an absolute expert, if you fail to sound authoritative or are stumped by questions, chances are any prospective customer will walk right out the door.

Ask questions

Asking about your customers is not only the best way to make them feel like you’re tailoring your service to their needs, but it’s a simple and effective way to quickly build up a rapport, too. If you ask an abundance of questions – particularly if the customer isn’t sure exactly which product or service they require – you can delve into their needs and better sell them your most applicable offering.

Look on the bright side

Working in sales – regardless of the industry – can have you dealing with a lot of rejection. Staying optimistic and keeping in mind that every no is taking you closer to that next yes will help you better achieve your goals.

Be competitive

Whilst over-competitiveness in the workplace can lead to issues, there’s nothing wrong with healthy rivalry. All salespeople will be judged on results. Plus, if you have the added bonus of earning commission, wanting to work hard and surpass your targets could benefit you financially, too.

If you work in a sales role – or are in the process of transitioning into one – consider ICML’s Essential Selling Skills course to brush up on the basics and start paving your way to sales super-stardom.

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