Streamline your workday process with these four tips.

4 things you should do at the start of every work day


Often how you start your day is a great indicator of how it’s going to proceed and eventually finish up. With that in mind, you want to start your day off in as good a condition as possible.

Start every work day with these four tips to help it run smoothly.

Follow an efficient morning routine

Help your body get into a natural rhythm by setting your alarm for the same time each day and getting up as soon as it goes off. Leave plenty of time to get ready, eat breakfast and arrive at work a few minutes early.

Sleeping in and rushing may throw you off for the day and cause unnecessary stress that can affect your performance. Get into the swing of a good morning routine so you are calm and collected as the day begins.

Make a list

Rather than blindly starting tasks, it helps to write a list of your tasks for the day and their level of priority. Even better: Write the list at the end of the day in preparation for the next. Estimate the time you will need to spend on each one and try to stick to your timings as you progress through the day. Immediately refer back to your list as soon as you have finished a task, meeting or other activity.

Check your calendar to remind yourself of any appointments or deadlines so you’re well prepared for what is to come.

This process will get easier as your as your time management skills develop and you form good habits.

Designate a time slot for emails

Being greeted with a deluge of emails can be stressful. Rather than feeling as though you need to respond to every single one immediately, allocate a period of time to deal with the most urgent matters.

Schedule two or three other brief email checks for the rest of the day so you can keep on top of them.

Plan your breaks

Even if your schedule is packed make sure you have time for breaks where you can eat and hydrate. This will help to keep your concentration and focus so you remain productive as the day goes on.

With these tips in mind, you can finish the day with a clear head and a sense of accomplishment.

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