How do you run a successful team building event?

4 tips for a top team building event


Team building activities present leaders with an opportunity to increase the bonds team members feel with each other and how they can work better together. I always find that, when run well, everyone in the team finds value in the experience.

However, team building events can be a waste of time if you’re not careful. The worst thing that can happen is creating a “too cool for school” attitude in your employees, where people aren’t interested in participating. Sure, some people probably aren’t going to engage no matter what you do. However, most of of your team members will be happy to take part and be engaged as long as you approach the team building event in the right way.

Here’s how you can run a top team building event.

1. Make sure the relevance of the activity is clear

The best piece of advice I can give is to make sure the purpose and relevance of the activity is clear. Your team is busy – they’re not going to engage unless you explain what you’re trying to get from the experience. When everyone can see the ‘why’ behind the event, they’ll be more willing to take part.

2. Do it during work hours

I’ve heard of team building events taking place on the weekend or after works hours. To me, this is a mistake. If it’s compulsory, it’s not fair to do it during times when people may have plans, even if they’re being paid overtime for being there. Organise a team building event during work hours to minimise any grumbles.

3. Make it accessible

Don’t choose activities that some people won’t enjoy or will find unduly difficult. The point of team building events is to foster those connections between team members and get everyone involved. Don’t choose something that’s going to limit the ability for some to take part.

4. Ask everyone what they want to do

One of the best ways to boost engagement in team building activities is to ask your team members both what they’d like the event to accomplish and what they’d like to do. That way, your team members will not feel as though they’re being told what to do. Instead, they will engage with the activity and work together to find something for the team to improve on and the right activity to help you do it.

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