Procrastination distracting you from work? You need these tips!

4 tips for getting stuff done


Procrastination is time management’s biggest enemy.

Perhaps you’ve discovered a great news website and just have to catch up on the full archive of content – all the way back to 2004? Or you are suddenly aware of just how dirty your workspace is?

It’s strange how these activities become much more enjoyable when you have a major project looming. No matter how comprehensive your time management training, procrastination can affect even the best of us.

If you put the pro in procrastination, these four tips are for you!

Just do it now

When you first arrive at work, you may be tempted to put aside the most difficult tasks until you have worked up some steam.

However, this also gives you more time to find something to distract yourself. If possible, tackle those important duties as soon as possible. This helps you get the ball rolling and reduces the opportunity to fill your time with something else.

Set yourself a time limit

If you are given free rein on when the project is due, it can be tempting to extend the time you spend working on it. You feel less guilty for the breaks you take because there is no pressure to get things done.

This is why it is important to have a deadline – even if it’s just one you make personally.

Get rid of the distractions

The biggest threat to your productivity is when your phone buzzes, your colleagues arrive for a chat or your computer somehow winds up on Facebook instead of a spreadsheet.

Minimising these distractions is key to ensuring you stay on track. Switch off your mobile, block social sites on your computer and let your workmates know when you need time alone.

Break the work into bite-sized chunks

Often, procrastination is the choice of an overwhelmed mind. Rather than tackling the massive task you have ahead, you prefer to do little jobs to keep yourself occupied.

If your project feels overwhelming, break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. This way you can tackle the work one chunk at a time and more easily manage your time and workload.

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