The Cricket World Cup has been the talk of Australia and New Zealand over the last few weeks.

5 leadership lessons from the Cricket World Cup


With much of the world gripped in cricket fever over the past few weeks, chances are productivity in your workplace slipped as employees split their attention between the games and the grindstone.

The Cricket World Cup doesn’t have to be an unfavourable experience – even if you’re not a sports fan. Some of the skills deployed by the captains and coaches from the variety of nations involved in the tournament can actually help you reach your managerial objectives.

So, what lessons can the Cricket World Cup teach you about leadership? Here are five ways the sport can supplement your management skills and training:

Planning and preparation

The cricket played during the World Cup falls into the one day category, with two innings of 50 overs and a break in between. This means players and coaches – on the fielding side in particular – have little time to drastically change strategy during the match.

It is therefore crucial that team members understand their roles prior to the start of the game. By doing research on the opposition and other challenges they will face, players can easily prepare strategies to help them perform at their peak.


Injuries, unexpected wickets and unforeseen match developments need to be taken in stride. The ability to adapt game play to suit changing conditions was a key asset in the arsenal of the Australian team that ultimately lifted the trophy.

Hope and optimism

A team that doesn’t believe they can win is defeated before they set foot on the cricket pitch. Even when starting out as the underdog, it is important to project optimism in your team so they work hard for the success they know could be within their reach.


Playing a game that can last up to eight hours in the heat of Australia and New Zealand is an impressive feat. Players are required to give each match their all, with the bowlers in particular sprinting in with 100 per cent energy time and time again.

Even when things look like they’re in the bag – it is no time to relax. Runs can be scored and wickets taken at any time, which means that even in just a few minutes of play, a team which looks to be on top can be defeated if they let their guard down. It is therefore important for managers to keep their teams motivated and on track until the project is complete.

Team work

While some teams have their shining stars, these cricketers will be the first to admit that they would be nothing without the assistance of the rest of their team. The big hitter may be the one to score the runs, but it takes everyone working together in the field to limit the opposition. As a leader, it is crucial that you appreciate and support each member of your team, as every individual plays a part in an organisation’s success.

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