5 quick tips for better business writing.

5 quick tips for better business writing


Writing can be a tedious task, especially when you are under pressure. When writing for business, it is highly important to use the language that best expresses exactly what you want.

1. Word smithing 

Words are like shoes: some fit better than others, and when you find the right pair, it’s perfect. Word smithing is similar, it entails analysing individual words and making sure they accurately convey your ideas.

When word smithing, it’s all about precision. The goal is to find the exact, most accurate and unambiguous word which lays bear everything you mean. A thesaurus is a handy tool during this process.

But be careful, not all synonyms equate, especially if they have multiple meanings.

2. Don’t be fluffy

Ernest Hemingway was against fluffy writing. As legend has it, Hemingway was once challenged to write a story with only six words. “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn,” he responded.

In conjunction with word smithing, reducing the amount of fluffiness in your writing will add to its overall clarity. There is nothing worse than good ideas, or specific points, being lost in a sea of pointless words.

3. Stay within your limits

It is important to use your vocabulary, not someone else’s. This includes the use of jargon.

Having said this, if you are writing about a complex topic, use sophisticated language but only if you can wield it.

4. Just get it down

You might think this is just a cliché but this tip still has value. Simply getting your ideas down, as big and bold as they may be, is an important first step in writing.

Without ideas you have nothing, so put pen to paper and write to your heart’s content. Editing can come later.

5. Read it aloud

Reading your writing out loud is your last line against mistakes. It also allows you to check how your writing flows and identify any clunky sentences.

Writing is a highly important skill every professional should possess. Finding a business writing course close to you is an excellent way to expand your skills.

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