Are you a Level Five leader?

Are You a Level 5 Leader?


Not all leaders are the same. While some flourish under pressure, others excel when boosting already successful teams.

Knowing what kind of leader you are can help you develop a more effective management strategy. Fortunately, there is an easy-to-follow guide which can identify your place in the workplace. This scale can also be used by HR managers deciding who in the workplace would most benefit from leadership training.

The brainchild of business consultant Jim Collins, the Level Five Leadership theory gives managers the chance to rate themselves, and their employees, on a standardised scale.

To help you uncover where you excel and how you could improve, here are the five levels of leadership:

Level One: Highly Capable

Individuals on this level make quality contributions to the workplace simply by excelling at their own work. While they hold the knowledge necessary to boost performance, the independence of these workers can mean they are unable to fully connect with other workers.

Level Two: Contributing Team Member

A Level Two leader places a focus on improving the performance of the entire team. Those who work effortlessly as part of a team are likely to make good leaders when working towards organisational objectives.

Level Three: Competent Manager

These individuals are great organisers, applying people and resources in the most effective positions. Level Three leaders, however, tend to stick to the status quo and are unlikely to lead innovation.

Level Four: Effective Leader

Embodying the traits of the previous three levels, this leader is able to effectively manage a team while achieving high individual results. People who fit into this category are also more likely to innovate and pursue compelling visions.

Level Five: Great Leader

The Level Five Leader is a rare individual, whose personality supports and enhances their leadership abilities. With a paradoxical combination of humility and professional will, Level Five individuals are excellent and building lasting influences on others.

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