Being bashful won't help your next move in a workplace negotiation.

Ban the bashful: 3 tips for asserting yourself in the workplace


Do you find yourself agreeing to do things you’d really rather not do? Are you constantly seeing people fall into workplace traps you knew how to avoid but were too nervous to speak up sooner?

Passivity. Meekness. A lack of confidence. These are all things that ultimately mean you are unwilling to stick up for yourself.

Unfortunately, this can lead you to toiling away in a humdrum job – dreaming of a bigger salary, more responsibility and better working conditions, but too afraid to ask.

Being able to assert yourself without appearing aggressive is a crucial negotiation skill. However, it can be difficult, particularly for those who are used to being pushed around.

To help you out, here are three key communication tips to help boost your assertiveness skills and increase your confidence in workplace negotiations:

Choose your words carefully

When sitting down with someone more powerful than you, it pays to know what you want to say. Fumbling over your words is only going to indicate you are not confident in your argument and give your boss the chance to talk over you.

Communicating your position clearly and effectively helps to demonstrate your authority on the subject.

Be objective

Don’t take things personally. There are many reasons why your manager might say no, so don’t get caught up worrying about personal repercussions.

Try to think about the negotiation objectively. By removing yourself from the equation, you should be able to tackle the subject without fears and emotions getting in the way.

Retain your humbleness

When standing up for yourself, it is important to remember that your new found confidence should not be read as arrogance or aggression.

Being present, speaking clearly and using strong body language are all great ways to assert yourself in a negotiation, but try not to go too overboard.

For someone who has spent their life in the shadows, this can be difficult. But keep hold of your humility and you should be able to conduct yourself with poise and confidence.

If you’re serious about boosting your self-confidence and assertiveness skills, you should consider ICML’s communications and effectiveness courses. Call us on 1300 655 0998 for more information.

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