Too shy to be a leader? Think again!

Can An Introvert Make a Good Leader?


Who do you picture when thinking of a great leader?

Generally, we consider leaders to be bold individuals who can effortlessly command a room full of people. However, there are many of us who would much rather spend time alone and shudder at the thought of interacting with people day-in and day-out.

Research shows that around half of the population identify as introverts, yet 96 per cent of leaders display extroverted personalities, according to the Harvard Business Review.

But does this mean that introverts have no hope of gaining leadership positions?

Of course not! In fact, many introverts make exceptional leaders, such as Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln and Warren Buffet. Here are three ways introverts can utilise their personality traits to become great leaders in the workplace:

Let others do the talking

Introverts are generally considered to be good listeners. Staying quiet and letting others do the talking can be beneficial for leaders, as this gives your team the opportunity to share their ideas.

Not only does this open up new channels of innovation, but it can also improve morale as your employees feel appreciated and believe their opinions really matter to you.

Take time to recharge and contemplate

Embracing time alone is a key trait of introverts. This is great for workplace leaders as it gives you time to think over your decisions without distractions.

Taking a moment to contemplate your day will ensure that you have a chance to consider different angles and approaches.

Stay calm

As introverts prefer not to share their emotions, they typically look cool, calm and collected in most situations. This air of confidence can perform wonders in the workplace, as your team mirrors your feelings and tackles tasks without stress.

If you believe you are an introvert and are interested in a leadership position in your workplace, you might want to consider management training in Melbourne.

Taking a leadership course will give you the tools you need to confidently tackle upper-level roles regardless of your personality type.

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