The best leaders buy into company culture in a way that better engages their peers.

Can Leaders Use Company Identity to Boost Engagement?

The old adage goes that the main issue with hiring top performers is that everybody else is trying to poach them. Consequently, retaining staff who are motivated is typically a key business concern.

What makes staff stick around? Well, a good salary and role is one thing, but corporate culture is just as important. In fact, research published by the Massachusetts Institute of technology has identified culture as the secret ingredient that helps the best enterprises succeed.

Company culture is the secret ingredient that helps the best enterprises succeed.

Company culture: Leading by example

Of course, creating a company identity doesn’t happen overnight. However, leaders at all levels are becoming more responsible for the collective ethic than ever before.

In fact, in an Entrepreneur article, co-founder of ClearCompany Andre Lavoie explained that a leader who is actively involved with company culture can in turn boost engagement in his or her staff.

A great company culture covers a number of factors. The most important ones to get right are the ideals that make staff happy.

There are many ways to keep employees satisfied including allowing them to use new technology, giving freedom in work hours or even just affording them more responsibility.

Of course, many essential leadership skills are centred on how staff feel and work in their roles. But, it can be a little more difficult to master the art of creating the right corporate culture.

The right mentality

One of the key considerations revolves around the individualist mentality. As a leader it can be all too easy to solely focus on your own goals. However, you’ll need to switch from an ‘I’ to a ‘we’ mentality to create the best company ethic.

Thinking as part of a wider collective is key, as your peers will also buy into this way of thinking before long. Moreover, research from Innovation Management noted that the increased engagement created by a better company culture compounds over time.

Getting a team to buy into company culture is a skill mastered by the best leaders.Getting a team to buy into company culture is a skill mastered by the best leaders.

So, in the simplest terms, when employees feel engaged it actually betters company culture reciprocally.

Good leaders will typically enhance the value of their organisation. Great leaders will do so while also giving their staff the tools to flourish. Buying into corporate culture should be relatively easy, especially when employees are happy.

Consequently, a working knowledge of the wider company ethic and how it can be leveraged to boost engagement is crucial in any position of leadership.

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