Do you fear the toll of the alarm clock in the morning? These tips can help you get motivated and attack the day.

Carpe Diem: 3 Tips on Being Motivated to Attack Every Day


When the alarm goes off each morning, it can be easy to hit snooze and dive back under the bedding. No one necessarily enjoys the nine to five grind, but staying as motivated as humanly possible makes everything easier.

If you’re not the type of person that jumps out of bed, here’s the advice you need to follow to attack each day:

Set targets

Have a specific list of things you want to achieve every week and make sure you stick to it. Drafting a to-do list and having a deadline to meet provides motivation.

Furthermore, if you find it difficult to spread everything out the first couple of times you try this, that rushed feeling that accompanies the end of the week will help you stay on track in efforts to avoid it in the future.

Manage time

As the old adage goes, there’s only so many hours in the day. While it may seem like there’s just too much to get done, effective time management is a key to unlocking more motivation.

Even if it’s something as small as setting a daily schedule of the time you eat breakfast, head for the shower etc, hitting those little goals can be a reward in the morning that will get you out of bed quicker each day.

Seek inspiration

Whether it’s a film, book or piece of music, engaging with things that are motivating by their own nature helps your own get up and go.

If you have a song that is especially motivational or inspiring to you, consider setting it as your alarm. That way, you’ll hear something every single morning that will hopefully see you leap out of bed and throw those curtains wide.

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