Is trust the missing piece in the leadership puzzle?

Do your employees trust you as a leader?


Do your employees trust your judgement? Or are they more likely to assume your actions are calculating and deceitful?

Unfortunately, the latter is more likely, according to the latest research from professional development firm Interactions Associates.

A recent study from the company found that 58 per cent of employees believe trust is lacking between management and entry-level staff. This trend may also be getting worse, with one-quarter (26 per cent) claiming they trust their boss less this year than in 2013.

“Our research consistently points to how trust is critical for driving business results – and yet we see such a high rate of mistrust among the working population this year,” Interactions Associates CEO Linda Stewart explained in the November 3 release.

“The results are alarming especially in light of the importance people place on trusting their leadership – some 82 per cent of all respondents say that trusting their boss is essential for them to be effective in their job.”

Why is trust important?

Trust is an important factor in workplace leadership. Managers and upper-level individuals need to ensure their team feels comfortable to share ideas and take risks. When trust is low or nonexistent, this feeling is unlikely to be present.

The most significant impact of the lack of trust between the levels of an organisation is the potential for lost ideas. While 54 per cent of employees claim they feel safe communicating their opinions and thoughts with their peers, only 38 per cent feel the same about their workplace’s leadership group.

Encouraging trust and innovation among your team is therefore a vital leadership skill. Management training can help you learn the necessary actions you can take to build better relationships with staff, such as opening up clear and accessible lines of communication.

If you want to know more about trust and leadership in the workplace, call ICML on 1300 655 0998.

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