Does your business writing consider the digital audience?

Does your business writing suit the digital age?


Is your business writing failing to attract an audience? Does your content immediately get buried in the low-ranking search engine results?

Digital viewership is becoming increasingly important in our technology-reliant world, and business writing skills have had to radically adapt in response to more complex and challenging online search algorithms.

Fortunately, improving your digital footprint can be as simple as updating your business writing training. Looking for a more immediate solution? Here are five ways to ensure your content is making the best impression online.

Use a compelling hook

At most, you have one or two sentences to catch the reader’s attention and convince them to keep reading. You should craft an opening that is compelling and unique.

Include surprising facts

Did you know that 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day? That surprising fact, sourced from Digital Insights, is just one example of the kind of quick and easily digestible statistic that can convince a reader to delve further into your content to find out more.

Add character

Unless your content requires a strict business tone, it’s important to ensure your business writing contains a little personality. A dry, humourless document will struggle to garner attention on social media and other content sharing sites, as people prefer to read and share content that reflects their own personality.

Make it mobile friendly

More and more internet users are accessing their favourite sites on smartphones and other connected devices. If your content is hard to read on these platforms, chances are a significant portion of your audience will simply switch off.

Use organic keywords

Due to recent search engine algorithm upgrades, simply scattering a few keywords through your content is no longer enough to get attention. Instead, create organic sentences that include keywords naturally to better utilise the searching algorithms of the Google Hummingbird update.

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