A mission statement should be the foundation of a businesses purpose.

Does your mission statement really inspire?


We talk about visionary leaders and organisations as those that look beyond the present to help contribute to a better future. They are not afraid of the unknown and have the drive to change the world.

When it comes to communicating this purpose, businesses look towards a powerful tool – the mission statement. It has proven benefits to enhance firm performance, according to a research paper in the Journal of Management Decision. However, this will only be the case if the mission has a proper rationale, accurate and believable information, and drives employee behaviour in a desirable direction.

In this instance, a mission statement can elicit greater staff commitment and improved firm performance.

What should a mission statement be?

A mission statement should define your organisational goals, company culture, and the values that underscore decision making. It’s an important document when developing a business strategy as it essentially condenses your entire purpose into a digestible, memorable and meaningful morsel.

BPlans.com states that an adequate mission statement addresses three key audiences: the customers, the employees and the owners. But it doesn’t have to do so explicitly, it just needs to prove valuable in encouraging commitment from everyone.

What should a mission statement not be?

A great mission statement avoids fluff and excessive hype – it honestly communicates the problem your organisation is solving and the personality behind the solution.

For instance, let’s look at Microsoft. When Bill Gates was leading the company, they sought to fulfill the mission of “a computer in every desk and in every home”. By all means, this captured the organisation in a nutshell and gave them a clear purpose to strive for. It communicated value to shareholders, customers, and inspired employees. But most importantly, it clearly articulated Microsoft’s vision for the future.

If you are wanting to inspire with a captivating mission statement, then it needs to make a mark. For more information and advice, book a course with ICML today.

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