Are you struggling to manage change in your workplace? These tips can help.

Don’t get set in your ways: 3 tips on how to effectively manage change


Toiling away in the tried-and-tested fashion in any aspect of your life can always seem like the easy thing to do. In the workplace especially, getting set in your ways is often the default setting for those who dine out on past glories.

However, really progressive people don’t just welcome and accept change, they manage it effectively too.

They say variety is the spice of life, so here are three tips in how you can embrace that mantra and filter it into your management style:

Breed it into your culture

The most successful companies tend to be the ones that continually innovate. Whilst employees may be sceptical, developing an atmosphere in the workplace that actively encourages progressive thinking can be incredibly productive.

If staff feel like they can’t air their views – even if they may be a little out-there compared with how the company normally does business – those killer ideas could be lost.

Keep track and know when to call the whole thing off

When implementing changes to any business, it’s important to ensure you’re actively seeking ways in which developments are noted. Without this, there is a possibility that progression will not really be tracked or worse yet, not happen at all.

Furthermore, when the business starts to alter too much or begins to go in the wrong direction, knowing when to say no and stick to your guns can be crucial in managing change.

You built it, now preserve it

Too many companies will see a change as an event in itself. In the long term, this is likely to harm the chances of continual progression.

A successful manager knows that change should be perceived as an ongoing process. Consistently encouraging employees to push themselves and think that little bit differently will likely lead to more sustained, successful progression in the long run.

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