Can the digital space help workplace communication?

Get online: Using the digital space for workplace communication


There are now few areas of life that aren’t touched by technology. On the morning commute, the smartphone is the new newspaper. In the office, the laptop has long replaced the typewriter. And for leisure, video games have ousted their physical equivalents.

Across the workplace, the technological shifts are being felt in their entirety. This is particularly evident when it comes to how peers engage with each other.

Personal conversation will always be best in some situations. However, are there times when the digital space is the best place to communicate? Well, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Don’t be a sceptic

Communicating effectively can be difficult. At work, complex conversations make it even harder. Consequently, anything that can make your life that little bit easier should be embraced, and technology is a prime example.

Whether it’s social media, video calling or text messaging, the first step to better communication in the workplace is being open to all the platforms. Once this is achieved, their benefits will soon present themselves.

Get responsive

Digital communication can make companies more transparent and responsive, according to research collated by Tellus Venture. In fact, whether it’s talking with exterior parties or communicating internally, digital holds its advantages.

For example, it allows for much quicker responses. This means that any slight complaints and gripes can be dealt with as soon as possible, while any good news can be shared around the company more quickly as well.

More collaboration

“Seventy-nine percent of people work on virtual teams. What’s interesting is that in most organisations there is a preponderance of using yesterday’s tools,” explained Rick Puskar, senior vice president of Customer Experience & Services for Unify, as quoted by Forbes.

Ultimately, digital communications can enable teams to collaborate more effectively. Utilising the latest tools and platforms also allow the company to stay ahead of the tech curve. In doing this, the wider business will not only benefit from stronger communication links in the digital space, but also ensure they stand up to the test of time.

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