Can brainstorming in the digital space produce the best ideas?

Going digital: Can virtual brainstorming produce results?


Conference calls or remote meetings can be useful tools. The nature of today’s business world means it’s more likely that workforces will be spread out. Fortunately, communicating effectively over long distances has been made simple by technology.

However, while the digital space is perfect for a quick chat about the goings on around the workplace, can it be used to come up with innovative ideas?

Brainstorming virtually

Brainstorming is a centre point of creative problem solving. In the past, the most fruitful ideas would only have been produced when all the applicable stakeholders were in the same room. Now, technology enables great ideas to be developed, no matter where people are geographically.

Research collated by the University of Texas and Cameron University suggested that brainstorming virtually can be highly efficient. This is due to the fact that those involved will realise more clearly when they can and can’t interject. Consequently, more concise, thoughtful solutions can be produced.

Visually stimulating

Facilitating meetings can be difficult if the focus is set on a dull and dreary whiteboard. Using technology introduces the idea of screen sharing.

In fact, web conferencing software specialists PGi found that using digital visual aids will invigorate any brainstorming session. This can include everything from short animations to full YouTube videos.

Moreover, sources can either be collated in advance or added to throughout the process. In the case of the latter, this enables the brainstorm to become more fluid and will likely produce more innovative ideas.

Ultimately, brainstorming in any context can be tough. However, doing so digitally is now easier than ever. Not only has technology shrunk the business world geographically, it can also help companies think laterally and produce better results.

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