How will you cope when a crisis hits?

Help! How to cope with a workplace crisis


Who do you naturally turn to in a crisis? When the going gets tough, a quick phone call to your mum or chat with your spouse can often be enough to turn the mood around.

But what happens when the crisis occurs at work? Suddenly, your team have turned to you – looking for the same kind of support you usually seek from someone else.

Staying cool and collected when it all hits the fan is important for managers and leaders in the workplace. Generally, how your employees respond to a crisis will depend on your own actions. If you panic, they panic.

Conflict management and crisis resolution are therefore essential leadership skills. Preemptive measures are always better than responsive actions, so now is a good time to brush up on your management training.

To get you confidently facing down any potential workplace crises, here are three key tips for keeping your cool.

Stay positive

Even when the walls are collapsing around you, the ability to keep a smile on your face can calm the nerves of your team.

Maintaining a positive attitude will inspire hope in employees. If you act as if the world is ending, the staff are going to assume the worst. By staying calm and cheerful, however, you can build positive momentum towards a happy conclusion.

Be fearless

Confidence is a key trait of great leaders. When a crisis hits, letting fear slip through the cracks in your normally fearless demeanour can cause significant panic.

Even if you are feeling the fear, try to keep a strong front when with your team. Your confidence – even when false – can inspire bravery among your employees.

Take control

Some of us may be tempted to hand over the reins when a crisis occurs – letting someone else take the blame and find a solution. Doing this, however, can have serious consequences for your team.

Most importantly, when you take accountability and control during a crisis, your team will trust you to lead them through the normal ups and downs of the business.

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