How to achieve better work life balance

How to achieve work life balance


You might have heard the term ‘work life balance’ before – but what does it really mean?

Generally, work life balance refers to a healthy split between a person’s workday activities and personal life, so that one does not overwhelm the other.

Work life balance is important. According to the government of Queensland, it reduces stress levels, results in greater levels of focus and concentration and enhances levels of job satisfaction. In addition to this, it can allow fuller participation in family and community life and leave room for personal hobbies and interests.

But with many Australians working long hours and experiencing high levels of stress, what can you do to achieve a greater sense of work life balance?

First of all, if you’re struggling with work life balance you may want to focus on improving time management skills. Setting goals, deadlines and developing more efficient processes can go a long way in enhancing your life as you will get things done faster.

You can also develop your own boundaries that prevent you ‘bringing your work home’ or having your job spill over into your personal life. Whether that’s leaving work on time every day or opting not to talk about professional issues with your family, find a strategy that works for you.

Looking after your health is another important element of work life balance. Getting enough sleep and exercise is essential for wellbeing, as is eating well. This will help you to maintain a positive and resilient attitude that can help you cope through temporarily stressful periods.

When stress does strike, it’s a good idea to have some go-to remedies for managing it. Whether that’s a long hot bath or a peaceful walk in a park, you can learn the strategies that will work for you. If you see the signs of stress start to creep in, make sure you put your plans into place.

With a few lifestyle adjustments, you can likely swing work life balance in your favour.

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