Confidence can help you team conquer mountains.

How to boost your team’s confidence


Even when the odds are stacked against them, a confident team can achieve great things. Similarly, employees who struggle with self-esteem issues are unlikely to exceed their own expectations.

If they believe they are unable to succeed, your employees may fail to put in their full effort. There’s no point straining ourselves if there is no chance of victory, right?

Alternatively, a team with strong confidence in their abilities is likely to push harder, knowing that success is within their reach.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how using your influencing skills and training to boost your team’s belief in themselves is an important consideration when trying to reach goals.

To help you and your team confidently reach for success, here are three tips for boosting employee confidence:

Acknowledge successes

If your employees are doing a good job, let them know. You may be surprised by how many members of your team are unaware of the great work they are doing.

Without an official voice telling them that their work is going well, they may get stuck in a low-confidence rut – refusing to believe that their efforts are making an impact.

Be constructive

When giving feedback, avoid vaguely positive comments. Telling an employee that they are performing well doesn’t demonstrate the value of their work. However, offering specific compliments and examples gives context to your comments and will achieve a stronger impact.

Listen and appreciate

No matter how many compliments you shower on your team, if you then turn deaf ears to their suggestions and feedback, you risk demonstrating how little their opinions are worth to you.

While confidence is self-made belief, how others see us often has the largest impact on how we value ourselves. It is therefore important to show employees that your appreciate and respect their opinions, which can be achieved simply by listening and utilising their feedback.

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