Are you prepared to work with these toxic individuals?

How to deal with toxic employees


Unless your company has invented an autonomous robot workforce, you will be dealing with a range of personality types each and every day.

Every employee is unique. Knowing how to manage and lead these individuals can require extensive management training.

Most of your team will contribute to the workplace in overwhelmingly positive ways. However, there are some personality types that can be challenging to deal with.

Here are three of the worst offenders who could be employed in your workplace right now, and some tips for how to manage them.

The sore loser

Is there an employee in your team who becomes impossible to deal with when their ideas aren’t used? Do they react aggressively to feedback or storm off when they feel they are being ignored?

These individuals can be challenging to manage as it is not always reasonable to let them get their way. Fortunately, you can easily improve their mood by providing regular feedback and ensuring they stay engaged through the entire process.

The devil’s advocate

Having your team unanimously agree on ideas is a great moment. Unfortunately, this is usually when devil’s advocate comes into play.

This employee is usually ready and willing to disagree with any decision, even if they secretly support the choice. If you have an individual on your team continually going against the team’s opinion in an effort to spark debate, you may be in luck.

While it is frustrating, this person can be beneficial in some circumstances, particularly as they inspire colleagues to think about their work with a new perspective.

The disappearing act

When the going gets tough, there may be someone on your team who becomes mysteriously busy. This could be as subtle as taking lunch breaks during a period of intense work or as extreme as heading away on “personal leave” when the worst happens.

Managing this individual requires some tough love. Don’t be afraid to call them out and say no every once in a while. By ensuring they front up to their responsibilities, you should benefit from a more cohesive team.

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