Delegation is an important leadership tool.

How to delegate like a pro


When was the last time you trusted an employee to take over one of the hundreds of jobs on your to-do list?

Delegation is perhaps one of the most important tools leaders can enact. Knowing what tasks can be passed on and who you can trust to take over is vital for ensuring you remain productive.

The workload of managers and project leaders is often significant. While some individuals may assume it is their duty to take care of these tasks themselves, a good leader knows the value of delegating.

No matter how extensive your management training, it is unlikely that you will go your whole career without having to pass the reins to someone else at some point. When this happens, here are three quick tips to ensure the delegation goes off without a hitch.

Overcome your fears

If you’ve been avoiding delegation for a number a reasons, it’s time to face your fears and understand just how beneficial this process can be.

Some people prefer not to delegate because they are worried that the job will not be done correctly. Others may assume that their job will be at stake if they can’t handle their own workload.

In most cases, these fears are simply untrue. If you have trained your team right, most employees should be able to easily take on the extra responsibility. And you can prove yourself indispensable in other ways, like excelling at your other duties.

Take the time to get it right

The key to a successful delegation is the time you put into it. Rather than just passing a task on to your team, spend some time talking them through your expectations.

By running over the ideal outcome prior to beginning the task, you can ensure that you’re not wasting time fixing avoidable mistakes at the end.

Embrace the differences

Your employees are unlikely to tackle tasks in the exact same way as you. Before panicking that the results will be skewed, take the time to appreciate the different approach.

You may find that the fresh angle creates more positive results, giving you inspiration for future projects.

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