Bright ideas can be made all the better if they're allowed to GROW.

How to give a team room to GROW


One of the most important aspects of any leadership position is encouraging those you’re in charge of to better themselves – or in other words, give them room to GROW.

Here’s a better explanation of exactly what that entails if you want to supplement any leadership training:

G (Goal)

The first letter of this strategy stands for goal, and this should be the starting point when trying to get the best out of a team. Begin by establishing what each individual member of the team wants to achieve as well as any group targets.

Keep things realistic, and make sure there’s a system in place to track progress. Whether it’s a boost in overall productivity or increasing customer numbers if the business is outward facing, having a defined end target is the first step towards GROWth.

R (Reality)

The next step is to examine the current reality of the team’s situation and identify barriers that may have restricted attempts to meet goals in the past. Getting the group you manage to be mindful of their present situation will make it easier to identify the applicable solution.

O (Options)

Once the basis of the team’s predicament has been identified, the third step in the process is based on choosing the best option that will help your team meet goals.

Brainstorming is one of the best ways to vocalise all of the possible paths. Allowing everyone an equal say and considering any opinions that are a little out there is the practice of the best leaders.

W (Will)

The final step in encouraging the collective is to get them to commit to meeting targets. Saying they have the ability to get things done is one thing, but the best leaders will make sure they stay on track throughout the process. Ultimately, this benefits both each individual and the team as a whole.

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