Difficult personalities will often feel the need to be heard above everyone else.

How to manage particularly tough personalities


Change is typically a positive thing. Whether it’s a way of keeping yourself on point or just spicing up the day-to-day routine, mixing things up both professionally and personally can give you a new lease on life.

However, as a manager, change is something that has to be dealt with carefully. In terms of people, those that are constantly switching their opinions or have specific personality types can be hard to pin down.

While some upheaval is normal, and may actually lead to better business results, if any unruly individuals take over you’ll find yourself spending most of the day managing conflicts.

So, what are the particularly tough personalities? Listed below are two you should look out for, and how to deal with them:

Passive-aggressive people can get to you without you knowing it.

The passive-aggressive type

We all know someone who is great at coming across as smiley and happy while their words actually have serious, angry undertones. Passive-aggression can quickly alter the mentality of the workplace if it isn’t kept in check.

“Passive-aggressive people will leave you dangling. They can make you feel you’re not worthwhile because they don’t show up for you in a consistent way. They can get to you without you knowing it,” explained Julia Orloff, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry with the University of California, in an interview with Inc.

Consequently, the way to deal with such a personality is to make them aware of their upsetting behaviour. The best managers can do this incredibly tactfully, while also ensuring that the people in question remain motivated.

The control freak

Some people always want to maintain control over any situations they enter. As a leader, you may well be inclined to do this yourself. However, when an employee looks to seize the reins at every opportunity, it can quickly prove detrimental to the wider workplace.

As noted by Psychology Today, there are two types of control freaks. Firstly, there are those that have an unconscious fear of losing control – which effectively makes them more reactive when presented with problems.

Secondly, there are people who are motivated by power, and forever feel the need to be in charge.

Controlling personalities will always try to seize power in the workplace, even when it's not the right time to do so.Controlling personalities will always try to seize power in the workplace, even at inappropriate times.

The best way to deal with this type of personality is to show them as much respect as possible, without giving in to them.

At the end of the day, you’re the leader. Allow them to put forward their opinions and take note of them, but don’t be afraid to tell them they’re wrong if the decisions being made are driven by a thirst for control.

Today’s workplaces are filled with a variety of personality types. While the majority of your colleagues will likely cause no problems, being able to deal with any difficult staff members as and when they present issues is a critical weapon in the arsenal of leaders.

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