Facilitating a meeting where everyone gets an equal say isn't easy. These tips can help.

How to meticulously master meetings


Taking the lead over a period of collaboration can be like directing traffic. It takes care of itself the majority of the time, but if there’s a major incident everything quickly starts to unravel.

Facilitating meetings can be daunting to even the most battle-hardened manager for that very reason, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are the things to keep in mind when attempting to make a group session successful:

Have a specific agenda

Would you rather be busy telling your team what to do, or have them actually doing the work? Meetings are a great way to organise a project but when they drag on and include irrelevant information, they’re more likely to put people to sleep than improve productivity.

It’s fine to have an ‘any other business’ section, but sticking to the facts will make proceedings run more smoothly and offer the added benefit of saving time for everyone involved.

Walk the walk

Discussing issues is one thing, actively addressing them is another entirely. Having a plan of action to tackle any problems that have been raised should be the result of any successful meeting.

Whether it’s things that have to be addressed by you as the leader or gently reminding staff that they need to take responsibility, turning hot air into tangible action and results is the mark of a great facilitator.

Seek advice from peers

One of the best ways to unlock more from meetings is to actively seek out advice from those that have participated. This of course should be done after the bulk of the meeting, but encouraging feedback and taking it on board is a simple way to learn which of your skills need brushing up.

If you’re managing a team of high achievers in particular, chances are they will be able to provide at least one good suggestion that will improve any meetings going forward.

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