Invest in technology to help motivate your gen-Y employees.

How to motivate gen-Y employees


Approximately 20 per cent of the Australian population was born between 1980-94, and these individuals – commonly known as millennials, ‘generation Y’ or gen-Ys – are starting to step into influential positions in organisations and businesses across Australia.

As the workforce ages, the gen-Y employees will be required to step into executive and management roles in just a few short years, which creates a need to get these workers performing at their full potential.

Motivating people is difficult at the best of times, but can be particularly challenging when dealing with the time-poor, tech-savvy generation that is gen-Y. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to boost productivity among your millennial workers.

Embrace technology

Gen-Y adults have grown up alongside exciting developments in technology, making it simple for them to adopt these digital trends into their work lives.

This means gen-Y workers will be well-versed in the latest gadgets, which enables them to find the most efficient technology solutions for your clients and business. Additionally, many tech trends have been created in the area of productivity boosting and time management, encouraging employees who use technology to self-manage their work rate.

Develop and coach

Gen-Y employees typically view their careers as a continuation of their education and can become bored and disengaged if they are not offered the opportunity to learn and grow.

Investing in leadership courses and professional development will not only keep the gen-Y workers engaged, but can also ensure they are adequately prepared to step into management roles later.

Give regular feedback

The millennial generation has grown up with the internet, which means they are used to having the information they need at their fingertips when they want it.

Because of this, gen-Y employees will become frustrated if you take too long to share feedback. Offering regular encouragement and feedback will motivate these workers to improve themselves and will ensure they know when they’re heading in the right direction with a task.

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