Are there generals on your business team?

Identifying and managing personality types


When you pull together a team within your workplace, chances are there will be a range of personality types involved. While some people are dreamers and others are soldiers, understanding the traits and behaviours of each individual can help you more effectively manage and inspire your team.

In order to fully utilise your leadership skills and training, here are a few of the key personality types that have likely infiltrated your workplace.

The Bambi

This personality type is likely the newest member in your team. With wide eyes and a bushy tail, they are excited to make the most of this opportunity. This is great news for you, as their eagerness to please means they will gladly accept any task you offer them.

The General

While you may find yourself clashing with this individual over who actually holds the power in the team, you can benefit from having a general on board. The general is often goal-oriented and thrives when rallying the troops to their cause.

The Negotiator

With a range of personalities on one team, conflict may arise as opinions and motivations clash. Fortunately, the negotiator is a diplomatic mediator – willing to step in to smooth over rough patches and cut through damaging office politics.

The Toiler

Rather than get involved with the strategic side of things, the toiler is happiest just getting down to business. They prefer to avoid emotional attachment to their work, instead opting to keep their eyes on the task at hand and complete the work sooner.

The Dreamer

While it may be difficult to keep the dreamer’s focus on the nuts and bolts of a project, their desire to innovate can make a big difference to the wider picture. This individual will likely drive creativity, leading to new and exciting methods to achieving the objectives of the team.

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