Get your team working together with these exercises.

It’s all fun and games when building a project team


If you’ve been offered the chance to manage a project in the workplace, you may be wondering how to encourage the team you are allocated to work efficiently together. Bringing a group of individuals together for the first time can be a challenge that truly tests your leadership skills and management training.

The ability to work together and communicate effectively are vital factors in making sure your projects reach their objectives. Without clear communication, teams can soon dissolve into squabbles and disorganisation.

Fortunately, there are a few fun and simple methods to help your team bond and work together at their full potential. Team building exercises may have a bad rap for being cliched and tedious, but the benefits of these activities will soon silence the groans of your employees.

Take some time before the project gets underway to engage in team building activities. These games will ensure your team can work effectively together – rather than clashing heads.

Two truths and a lie

Telling people about yourself can be tough, which is why these games focus on sharing information in fun an innovative ways. Get conversations started by pairing team members together and asking them to tell each other two truths and one lie about themselves.

Their partner then has to guess which fact was false, leading to potentially interesting conversations. This game not only helps individuals get to know each other, but also encourages communication and creativity.

Take as much as you need

Without explaining the full game, pass around a bag of small items, such as coins, and ask your team to take as many objects as they want.

Once each member has dipped into the bag, reveal that they must then share as many facts about their lives as objects they are holding. This activity will teach you a lot about your team, including how much they are willing to take or leave for others.

Create your own activity

Rather than dictating each and every activity your team must take part in, consider handing over creative control. Get each employee to facilitate an exercise. Better even, also involve them in designing the activities.. This will help boost creativity, leadership and communication skills in your team.

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