What do millennials want from their workplace?

Knowing what your employees want


Knowing what your partner wants is the key to any good relationship.

While it may not always be possible to achieve their demands, having this knowledge will help you at least take the right steps towards making the person happy.

How can this advice help you beyond the bedroom? Try thinking of your team members as one side of your workplace relationship.

Of course, it can be daunting to cater to the many faces you see in the office each day. Fortunately, there are a few key desires that seem universal across certain employee demographics.

Millennials are a particularly prevalent group in workplace teams these days. If you can make your Generation Y employees happy, you will go a long way toward achieving overall satisfaction.

So, what do millennials want?

The Hartford Financial Services Group recently released a report that sought to answer this question. The 2014 Millennial Leadership Survey found that 73 per cent of employees aged 18 to 33 aspire to be leaders within the next five years.

Half of the millennials agreed the best way for employers to demonstrate the investment and value of their working relationship is to offer leadership training and development. Another 35 per cent want a clear career path, with ongoing coaching and feedback also important for 34 per cent of the respondents.

“The Hartford’s research has consistently shown that Gen Y is a giant generation of go-getters who want to take charge but also yearn for training and mentoring,” said Hartford spokesperson Lindsey Pollak, author of the book “Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders”.

Lori High, chief marketing and sales officer for The Hartford’s Group Benefits business, agreed with Ms Pollak. She explained that managers have a unique opportunity to create a strong team filled with potential leaders for the new generation.

“Our research shows millennials are hungry for information, products and services that help them reach their personal and professional goals,” she said.

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