Spreading the load can make any task easier for the wider workplace.

Lighten the load: How to spread work around effectively


In a position of management, there will come a time when the work becomes too much and responsibility turns from a huge positive to more of a burden. Consequently, effective delegation is a must and key in any set of advanced leadership skills.

Here are the things to keep in mind when you need to lighten the load, and spread tasks around the workplace:

Learn to let go

If you’ve reached a high-level position, chances are that there’s been an element of perfectionism that has propelled you to the top.

While wanting to maintain control is perfectly acceptable, being ready and prepared to let go is the mark of the best leaders. Remember that anyone you’re delegating to has likely similarly earned their stripes or will need to get the opportunity to do so. Having faith in their abilities will not only give them a little more confidence but also make team objectives easier to meet.

Be clear and concise

A mistake made by many leaders when delegating is not clearly outlining what needs to be done.

If briefed incorrectly, employees may not have the appropriate level of knowledge to carry out assigned tasks effectively, or may even over step the mark accidently by thinking they have been given authority to make critical decisions.

Research from Rice University in the US explained that delegation doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’. It’s more effective choosing the right level of task for each person’s position and experience.

Give credit

Once the delegation has taken place, the next step is to give credit accordingly. The worst leaders will use delegation as a way to make themselves look good. Instead, it should be the employees and the collective workplace that benefit.

After a task is completed, be sure to note what was carried out and by who, and make this clear in any performance reviews or later reports centred on the endeavour. Depending on if the person would appreciate it, you could also publicly credit them for success.

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