Is your business turning super? Here are few things to keep in mind when managing change.

Revolution or evolution? Advice on managing change


There can be many reasons why businesses have to make changes. Whether it’s a buzzword like streamlining or boosted business numbers calling for expansion, any manager will have to adapt to change at one point or another.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re a leader within a company that is gearing up for adjustments:

Encourage innovation

Whether it’s for better or worse, effectively managing change will always be a delicate balancing act. Employees will be worried that they will become less effective at work or fear that their jobs are at risk.

By constantly encouraging innovation, any leader can make any big changes seem like minor bumps – rather than huge potholes – in the road.

Talk the talk

Miscommunication can be a huge hindrance across any business process. This is only further exaggerated if the enterprise is going through a period of transformation.

Clearly outlining and talking through any decisions with all the applicable stakeholders will have a twofold benefit as to how effective the process is.

Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to define exactly what you’ll need to do across any period of transition. Secondly, it will help grow trust amongst staff as keeping them in the loop is critical in making sure they know that the change is in the best interests of the business.

Strive for flexibility

Any process of evolution – or even revolution – will likely be relatively organic, shifting its aims over time.

Keep in mind that any projected adjustments are likely to take a less than ordinary path. Doing this will better equip both you and your staff with the knowledge to adapt the required skills, and ultimately deal with the whole process more efficiently.

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