Drawing inspiration from the best can improve your presentations.

The A-list? 2 celebrities with top notch presentation skills


Leaders must be able to convey their points to others effectively. However, that is often easier said than done and may not come naturally to many. Issues are only compounded when there’s a group to actively engage and captivate.

As with many skills, it’s ideal to learn from the best. Over the years, there have been a number of people who broke new ground in how they speak to a group, with some being remembered as great orators over all else. Here are the examples to follow if you’re looking to improve your skills and present with impact:

Steve Jobs

The departed genius behind Apple is arguably one of the most influential people the technology world has ever seen. While the products he pioneered and developed continue to fly off shelves, it is some of his notable key note speeches that live longest in the memory.

So, what was it exactly that made Steve Jobs so good at presenting? Well, this video from Forbes highlights body language as the key:

In all of his most famous speeches, Steve Jobs would make the effort to be personal. Rather than talk at the audience, it was if he was having a conversation with each and every one of them.

This is something that any leader can channel into their meetings or speeches. Going the extra mile to engage with the audience, rather than seeing it as one big mass of faces, can not only put you at ease, but will likely help you captivate them too.

Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison highlights the key issues while also sharing information in a personal manner.

Perhaps not as well-known as Steve Jobs, founder of charity: water Scott Harrison has a history of immersing gathered crowds with his experiences. As the name suggests, the foundation he set up has a focus on ending water shortages in Africa, with Scott Harrison himself journeying to the west of the continent in 2004.

He uses his speeches as a way to tell his story, highlighting the key issues while also sharing information in a personal manner.

The key takeaway here is to remember that story-telling can be a powerful weapon when giving a presentation. Moreover, even if the topic at hand is something you’re not a complete expert on, weaving in your own personality and pieces of information that are unique to you can quickly get an audience on side.

Ultimately, there are a number of famous examples of great presenters, all with different skills that make them the interesting individuals they are. If you can blend the tried, tested and established techniques with your own personal flavour, you will likely be able to assert yourself and engage any audience.

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