The Perfect Fit: How to Recruit Effectively

The Perfect Fit: How to Recruit Effectively


In any business, it’s important to have the right people in all the right positions. If a new hire isn’t working out as well as you hoped, your company may suffer in a number of ways, including lost productivity and, eventually, the cost of letting that person go and hiring a replacement.

The question, then, is how a business of any size can find the right person the first time, and that effort typically starts with a strong recruiting strategy. The best possible candidates for any job are going to be no-nonsense and, likely, you will have more than just one option to choose from. So how do you connect with them, keep them engaged and get them to see why your firm is the best spot for them? Read on to learn more:

Tap your networks

No one knows a company’s needs like its own employees. Just as workers are the most important part of any firm’s success, it’s wise to rely on those professionals to identify good candidates for new or open roles. Most of your employees probably know people — or know people who know people — who would be a great fit, so something as simple as asking for recommendations could streamline the recruitment process.

In many cases, you might be able to incentivise referrals with a program that rewards workers for recommending the candidate you eventually hire, the career advice and information site Indeed suggested.

Want to find the best candidates? Look at your own operations first.Want to find the best candidates? Look at your own operations first.

Don’t leave them in the dark

Because good candidates will likely attract a lot of attention, you can’t let them go days or weeks without hearing from you. Avoid this problem by sending out updates on the hiring process once a week or so. Prioritising completion of that process helps keep great candidates engaged.

Implement a company-wide strategy

You may find that some of your teams are more effective at hiring than others. Why? The successful ones probably have a stronger process for reviewing and choosing candidates, including asking all the right questions in the interview process. For that reason, the Society for Human Resource Management recommends standardising these processes and continually trying to optimise them so you’re always finding the best candidates, no matter what department is hiring.

You should also have a good plan to integrate those employees into their respective teams so that they’re set up for success and quickly acclimate to your company’s atmosphere.

Write a good job description

The more specific you can be in writing your job description, the greater the likelihood for success in finding great candidates. When your requirements or the description itself is vague, your chances of finding the right candidate is likely low.

And when people are looking for work, they might be asking a simple question: “What’s in it for me?” Business News Daily stated that this requires you to be open about what you offer not just in terms of salary, but also regarding the various perks and benefits that come with employment at your company. That way, you don’t get all the way through the hiring process to the point where you offer a candidate a job, but they decide the compensation isn’t good enough for their needs.

Train for success

Finally, it’s always a good idea to make sure your hiring managers and the people weighing in on these decisions know what they’re looking for and how to most effectively achieve your collective goals. At ICML, our recruitment course will show everyone the ropes, and help ensure peak performance for your entire team.

To learn more about how ICML can help your company achieve its recruitment goals, get in touch with us before you open up a new position. That way, everyone involved in the recruiting and hiring process will be in the best position to make the right decision.

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