Leaders must be able to communicate effectively.

The truth about leadership communication


In the old days, leadership was about who you were in a company. Those in higher positions were awarded more status, taking on more responsibility for people and tasks. Essentially by default, they were trained as management leaders.

But now, things are changing. Leaders have to do a lot more than just manage staff and achieve company goals. More than ever before, leaders have to be great communicators. They must prove they have the skills to liaise with a much wider audience than just their workers and funders.

Communication is a undervalued leadership ability

Walter G. Montgomery, corporate affairs expert in the US, expressed how many CEOs make the mistake of not fully appreciating the importance of communication. In his article in the University of Pennsylvania magazine, Walter explained how many company leaders see it as a fluffy skill, too unclear to warrant the same weight as a hard skill like accounting.

“Perhaps that is largely why many senior leaders do not fully embrace communications as an important discipline,” Mr Montgomery explained. “Even in this social media-propelled world where nearly every word and deed of any entity and its people are increasingly vulnerable to [global] public scrutiny.”

Disregarding how important communication is – as well as the flip side of how bad poor communication can be – can ruin a company and destroy relationships with clients and customers. People are expecting more from companies. At the same time, they view company leaders and their organisation as one. Thus, his or her actions and words will directly impact the way the company is seen.

Enhance your leadership communication skills

With experience in over 200 corporations and organisations, Mr Montgomery understands that many leaders may need communication training.

“Chief executives need to focus on communications as a management capability much more seriously than they typically do.”

If you want to develop your communication skills and enhance your leadership capability, check out what’s on offer at the Institute for Communication Management and Leadership.

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