How is time management linked to The Karate Kid?

Time management tips from fiction’s greatest leaders


Unless you have access to a time-travelling police box, you only have 24 hours in the day. With work commitments, a personal life and sleep to squeeze into this limited timeframe, it is easy to see how most people can struggle.

Time management is a vital consideration for any individual working to a deadline. However, sometimes we get a little distracted – particularly if there is a good book waiting to be read or an exciting new show on television!

Fortunately, pausing your work for a quick fiction break might actually be just what you need to boost your time management skills. The characters you read about or watch on your screen could hold the key to making the most out of your workday.

In particular, here are three time management tips from three of fiction’s greatest leaders.

Gandalf the Grey – Decide what to do with the time that is given to us

While Gandalf may be slightly better known for his speech about never being late nor early, his most helpful piece of advice has nothing to do with the wizardry world’s selfish time keeping.

When Frodo laments that trouble had to stir up in his lifetime, Gandalf responds with some sage advice. Rather than dwell on how unfair your workload or deadline is, it is up to you to decide how to manage your time.

Seize the day and make an effort to tackle tasks, even when prospects seem dire. You may be surprised with just how much you can get done.

Yoda – Patience you must have

Of course, don’t try to rush in and squeeze every task in one day. Work methodically and with patience and you should be able to create effective plans.

Mr Miyagi – Karate ‘yes’ or karate ‘no’, not karate ‘guess so’

When given a challenging task to complete in a short time frame, it is important to choose your path wisely.

Either talk with your manager about your concerns or dedicate time to getting things done. Saying ‘maybe’ is likely to lead to a job half done, but a direct approach to the task will be more efficient and should lead to a positive outcome.

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