Technology is helping boost collaboration in workplaces around the world.

Top 3 technologies boosting workplace collaboration


Two heads are better than one, and many heads can be better than two, which is why collaboration is one of the key factors in industry-leading innovation.

When a number of employees put their heads together and work as a group on a project, the task is often completed much faster and more effectively. This is because collective knowledge, brain power and enthusiasm are coupled with each individual’s differing perspective on problem solving.

The effectiveness of collaboration is likely well known in many organisations, but many employers fail to fully support and encourage their staff to work together.

Fortunately, there are a number of new and developing technologies that can help any business make the most of collaboration in the workplace. Here are just three:

1. Mobile connectivity

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and connected devices, these days most employees are carrying a super-computer around in their pockets.

This is a bonus for employers hoping to boost collaboration, as it means workers can access important online documents and communicate with each other at any time or place.

2. Cloud printing 

If your company is spread over multiple locations, you may think it will be difficult to collaborate on projects across the entire organisation. However, with cloud printing and storage, important documents and files can be shared between sites at the press of a button.

Using the cloud, employees can send documents to the printer from any device, eliminating the frustration of incompatibility between certain technology brands.

Digital whiteboards

Gone are the days when a single staff member kept hold of the whiteboard marker and was left in charge of deciding what message went up.

The development of digital whiteboards means any employee with a connected device can add their input to the display during a presentation. However, in meetings full of individuals, it may be worth reminding employees of their communication skills training to ensure they use this technology fairly and appropriately.

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