Which leadership skills will lead you in the right direction?

What are the most important leadership skills?


Which traits do you believe are the most crucial for becoming an effective leader?

Of course, each skill can be vital for many reasons. This is why you are given the chance to develop a wide range of competencies when you undertake management training in Melbourne.

However, it may be beneficial to know which skills are likely to give you the biggest boost towards successful leadership.

There have been a number of studies launched to measure the importance of each leadership skill, including research published by the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and a study conducted by BI Norwegian Business School.

Each of these studies identified a few key competencies that are crucial for leaders. Here are just three:


The BI Norwegian Business School study investigated the effectiveness of 1,500 leaders and their employees. It was found that individuals who were more humble about their abilities were also likely to be more efficient and effective leaders.

In fact, leaders were commonly rewarded with committed and service-minded teams no matter how they rated their own skills, as long as the employees believed the leader acted as a credible role model.

The ability to inspire

The ability to inspire and motivate people is the most important managerial trait, according to the 332,860 bosses, peers and subordinates surveyed in a study published by HBR.

Close to two-fifths of the respondents (38 per cent) agreed that this skill is one of the top three traits, followed by integrity (37 per cent) and problem solving (37 per cent).

Of course, inspiring your team can be tough and influencing people requires good leadership training and practice.


One of the most important skills a leader can hold is the ability to judge moments and make strategic decisions. This is vital for any leader, particularly when under pressure.

Holding a good business sense is crucial when making decisions in the workplace. This will ensure you can accurately forecast how your choices could impact on future operations. The good news is that through training and coaching you can develop judgement.

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