Are you a leader or a boss?

What is the difference between a boss and a leader?


When you consider your ideal spot on the career ladder, are you standing in the position of a leader or a boss?

While many people would assume that these two terms go hand-in-hand, the difference between them is actually quite startling. An effective boss should always try to be a good leader, but leaders needn’t always be a boss!

If you’ve been considering leadership training to help improve your position on the corporate ladder, it is important that you know the difference.

To help you take the best step forward, here are the key differences between a boss and leader.

A boss… knows how things work

To reach a position of power in the workplace, it is vital that the individual knows how the business runs. With a comprehensive knowledge of how the company operates, a boss can ensure the things that work continue to perform at their peak.

A leader… challenges the status quo

Rather than accepting things the way they are, a leader drives innovation by challenging the status quo. Sure, things are going well at the moment, but could it all be better?

By looking beyond the current conditions, an effective leader can reach new potential and inspire essential change and evolution.

A boss… does things right

Doing things right is important. A good boss will ensure their team follows the rules and achieves the right results.

A leader… does the right thing

Instead of always focusing on the “right way” to do things, a great leader will adapt to the situation at hand. If an employee needs extra support or works better in a different way, the leader should be willing to make these exceptions.

A boss… gives orders

Telling people what to do is the defining quality of a boss. Not only do the right orders need to be made, but the directions need to be communicated in such a way that they are followed directly.

A leader… leads

A leader, however, does not give orders. Instead, they inspire action from their team through leading by example.

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