Will blueberries boost your team's productivity?

Workplace snacks to boost productivity


If you’re managing a team within your organisation, you have probably researched the best ways to boost productivity and workplace engagement?

While traditional productivity and leadership training methods generally focus on performance management and job satisfaction, there are other methods available that can improve your employees’ capacity to work harder, longer and more ardently.

One such method involves the popular saying: “you are what you eat”.

The food that we eat during the workday can have a major impact on our ability to perform tasks and concentrate. When your team snacks on high sugar treats to maintain their energy in the afternoon, you may find fatigue setting in long before the end of the workday. However, extensive research has shown that certain foods can help improve concentration, memory and wellbeing.

Supporting the health and wellbeing on your staff is an effective way to boost productivity, and supplying them with these healthy snacks can put your team on the right path.


Due to the high concentration of antioxidants in blueberries, this ‘super-food’ can improve focus and memory for up to five hours.


Avocados are known to enhance blood flow through the body. Every organ relies on blood flow to work effectively, including the brain, so fibre-rich avocados can help fire up brain cells to make thinking and innovation easier.

Dark chocolate

During a long day at work, it may be tempting to reach for chocolate to keep the blues at bay. While a sugary treat can help temporarily, you should encourage your team to snack on dark chocolate varieties, rather than sweeter milk versions.

The quick dose of caffeine and magnesium can heighten mental alertness and help employees de-stress, boosting focus and satisfaction.


A small portion of mixed nuts can help satisfy hunger pangs while in the office, with high levels of protein and magnesium increasing energy levels and keeping your team on task during those long afternoons.

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