Lost in a world of complex business proposals? These tips can set you on the right track.

3 tips on how to write winning proposals


Securing contracts through the writing of winning tenders and proposals can be the lifeblood of a business, no matter what the company’s size. A dull, unentertaining piece of writing is more likely to alienate a client, rather than attract them into accepting.

Here are three simple and effective tips that can help get your next proposal on the right track:

Explain why you’re right

When first starting out on a new proposal, don’t be afraid to think differently in terms of presenting your business. Writing an executive summary that’s dry and merely lists off the company history may be the easy option, but it’ll quickly bore the reader.

Your priority is to define why you’re better, faster and more cost effective than the rest. Explaining that in a stylish and succinct manner will give them the confidence that you can ultimately meet any demands and get the job done.

Keep it brief

Business leaders are likely to be well versed in decrypting the accuracy of any proposals they come across, and they will immediately spot any fluff. It can be easy to become embroiled in a world of management speak and over-ambitious vocabulary, but getting to the point and remaining succinct can really set a proposal apart.

Highlight exactly what your business can offer and the way it can achieve it on only the most efficient terms. Consider bullet-pointing key facts and figures, as this draws them to eye in the event your proposal is only skimmed before it’s later thoroughly read.

Experiment with style and tone

Keeping any reader of your proposal entertained is a surefire way to make it stand out if they’re evaluating it against others. While it needs to be judged carefully depending on the outlook of the client, using different styles and tones can be beneficial.

The occasional light-hearted nod or touch of humour will only better endear you to the appropriate reader, ultimately meaning that your proposal will likely differentiate itself from any of its humdrum rivals.

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