Do you struggle to make your business writing concise? These tips can help.

Get to the point: 3 tips on how to make your business writing concise


Keeping your writing as clear and concise as possible presents a number of difficulties. If you write in a manner which is too short and sharp your words may come across as cold. Alternatively, rambling on in longer and longer sentences is the quickest way to lose your reader’s attention.

Improving your writing in general can be relatively easy, but what if your sole focus is on your business writing? These tips can see you right and turn you into the most sought-after writer in your workplace:

Maintain focus

It can be incredibly easy for your writing to wander if you don’t keep your main objective at the forefront of your mind. Whether you are drafting a business document or a company email, cutting out the fluff and only focussing on the facts is likely to better the flow of your work.

Don’t indulge yourself

If you are a capable and willing writer outside of work, it may be difficult to curtail your habits in your formal documents. However, avoiding words which are overly descriptive and phrases which are only likely to alienate rather than endear your audience is key.

It’s perfectly acceptable to add some creative flair to your business writing, but too much will lead to your work not being taken seriously.

It’s not all about the word count

Many people assume the easiest way to make their writing more concise is by trimming their word count. That isn’t always the case. Free-flowing and easy-to-understand writing is not merely about using the least amount of words, but those that are strongest and clearest.

Always keep in mind what the purpose of each individual sentence – or even phrase – you are writing actually is. It’s incredibly important to be self-critical in these instances. You are the best barometer for your work, and if you think it’s too elongated, it probably is.

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