Struggling to find the candidate who stands out from the crowd? These 3 tips will see you right.

3 tips to help find your perfect workforce


Unless you constantly want to be dealing with problems that an unruly element of your staff can bring, finding the right characters to fill your workforce is critical.

Garnering new and exciting talent can be difficult at times. However, if you follow these three tips you could be well on your way to building your dream team:

Go beyond the obvious questions

During the interview process it can be very easy to ask the tried and tested questions and not really gain a genuine insight of a candidate. If you focus on using behavioural interview techniques, you will be able to delve a lot deeper into your interviewee’s work history.

For example, asking about a conflict they played a part in solving or how they reacted to any change in their previous position will give you a much better idea of how they can fit into your workplace. These types of questions not only show what they have achieved, but how they went about doing it, too.

If utilising behavioural interview techniques is completely new to you, the Recruitment Skills Training Course from ICML can boost your knowledge and ensure that you quiz prospective employees with only the most pressing queries.

Show them what your business is really about

If they’ve done their research correctly, any potential candidate will most likely know about the outward facing side of your business.

However, talking them through your ethic and inner workings and gauging their reaction will only help you better understand if they are the right person for your company.

If you immediately develop a rapport and feel as though they will fit in well with any social aspects of your business, then they may just be the perfect candidate.

Test, test and re-test

If you have the opportunity to test any prospective employees with the kind of work they will actually be doing in the role, then grab it with both hands. Not only will they benefit from the chance to weigh up whether they like the job, but you’ll be able to find out exactly what they’re capable of, too.

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